In the Name of Allâh, the Most
Beneficent, the Most Merciful.

 A questioner asked concerning a torment about to befall


 2. 不信心者は,それを防ぐことは出来ない。


 Upon the disbelievers, which none can avert,


 3. 階段の主,アッラーから(の懲罰)である。


 From Allah, the Lord of the ways of ascent.


 4. 天使たちや聖霊(大天使ジブリール)は,一日にして,かれの許に登る,その(一日の)長さは,5万年である。


 The angels and the Ruh [Jibrael (Gabriel)] ascend to Him in a Day the measure whereof is fifty thousand years,


 5. だからあなたは,立派に耐え忍べ。


 So be patient (O Muhammad SAW ), with a good patience.


 6. 本当にかれらは,それ(日)を遠いと思う。


 Verily! They see it (the torment) afar off,

 7. しかしわれは,それを近いと見る。


 But We see it (quite) near.

 8. 天が溶けた銅のようになる日,


The Day that the sky will be like the boiling filth of oil, (or molten copper or silver or lead, etc.).


 9. 山々は,梳いた羊毛のようになり,


 And the mountains will be like flakes of wool,


 10. 誰も友(の安否)を問うことはない。


 And no friend will ask of a friend,


 11. かれらは互いに顔を合わせることが出来ない程恐れる。罪ある者はその日,自分の罪を贖うために自分の子供たちを差し出そうと願うであろう。


 Though they shall be made to see one another [(i.e. on the Day of Resurrection), there will be none but see his father, children and relatives, but he will neither speak to them nor will ask them for any help)], - the Mujrim, (criminal, sinner, disbeliever, etc.) would desire to ransom himself from the punishment of that Day by his children.


 12. かれの妻や兄弟,


 And his wife and his brother,

 13. かれを庇った近親,


 And his kindred who sheltered him,

 14. 自分を救えるならば,地上の凡てのものを挙げて贖うことを請い願うであろう。


 And all that are in the earth, so that it might save him.


 15. 断じて出来ない。本当にかの(地獄の)炎は,


 By no means! Verily, it will be the Fire of Hell!

 16. 頭の皮まで剥ぎ取る。


 Taking away (burning completely) the head skin!


 17. (正義に)背を見せて,背き去った者を召喚するであろう。


 Calling: "[O Kafir (O disbeliever in Allah, His angels, His Book, His Messengers, Day of Resurrection and in Al-Qadar (Divine Preordainments), O Mushrik (O polytheist, disbeliever in the Oneness of Allah)] (all) such as turn their backs and turn away their faces (from Faith) [picking and swallowing them up from that great gathering of mankind (on the Day of Resurrection) just as a bird picks up a food-grain from the earth with its beak and swallows it up] [Tafsir Al-Qurtubi, Vol. 18, Page 289]


 18. また蓄積し,隠匿の金を持つ者をも。


And collect (wealth) and hide it (from spending it in the Cause of Allah).


 19. 人間は本当に忙しなく創られている。


 Verily, man (disbeliever) was created very impatient;


 20. 災厄に会えば歎き悲しみ,


 Irritable (discontented) when evil touches him;

 21. 好運に会えば物惜しみになる。


 And niggardly when good touches him;

 22. だが礼拝に精進する者は,そうではない。


 Except those devoted to Salat (prayers)

23. 礼拝を厳守している者,


 Those who remain constant in their Salat (prayers);


 24. またかれらの富が,公正であると認められている者,


 And those in whose wealth there is a known right,

 25. 物乞いする者や耐乏する者のために(施す者),


 For the beggar who asks, and for the unlucky who has lost his property and wealth, (and his means of living has been straitened);


 26. また審判の日の真実を確認している者,


 And those who believe in the Day of Recompense,


 27. またかれらの主の懲罰を恐れる者も。


 And those who fear the torment of their Lord,

 28. 本当に主の懲罰から,安全であると考えるべきではない。


Verily! The torment of their Lord is that before which none can feel secure,


 29. また隠れたところ(貞節)を守る者,


 And those who guard their chastity (i.e. private parts from illegal sexual acts).


 30. かれらの妻や右手の所有する者に限っている場合は別で,罪にはならない。


 Except with their wives and the (women slaves and captives) whom their right hands possess, for (then) they are not to be blamed,


 31. しかしこれ以外に求める者は法を越えた者である。


 But whosoever seeks beyond that, then it is those who are trespassers.


 32. 付託されたことや約束に忠実な者,


 And those who keep their trusts and covenants;


 33. 証言に公正な者,


 And those who stand firm in their testimonies;


 34. また礼拝を厳守する者。


 And those who guard their Salat (prayers) well.


 35. これらの者は栄誉を得て楽園の中に(住む)。


 Such shall dwell in the Gardens (i.e. Paradise) honoured.


 36. 今不信心者たちが,あなたの方に急いでいるのは何事か。


 So what is the matter with those who disbelieve that they hasten to listen from you (O Muhammad SAW), in order to belie you and to mock at you, and at Allah's Book (this Quran).


 37. 右からまた左から,群になって。


 (Sitting) in groups on the right and on the left (of you, O Muhammad SAW)?


 38. かれらは皆至福の楽園に入ることを望むのか。


 Does every man of them hope to enter the Paradise of delight?


 39. いや,断じて出来ないことである。本当にわれは,かれらが知るものから,かれらを創ったのである。


 No, that is not like that! Verily, We have created them out of that which they know!


 40. いや,われは東と西の主によって誓う。われにとっては可能である。


 So I swear by the Lord of all [the three hundred and sixty (360)] points of sunrise and sunset in the east and the west that surely We are Able


 41. かれらよりも優れた(外の)者をもって,かれらに替えてやろう。われは,失敗することはないのである。


 To replace them by (others) better than them; and We are not to be outrun.


 42. だからあなたは,かれらを(虚栄に)浸らせ,戯れに任せるがよい。かれらが約束されている,その日の会見まで。


So leave them to plunge in vain talk and play about, until they meet their Day which they are promised.


 43. かれらが墓から慌ただしく出て来る日。それはまるで(現世で)かれらが偶像神へと急いだように。


 The Day when they will come out of the graves quickly as racing to a goal,


 44. かれらは目を伏せ,屈辱を被るであろう。これがかれらに約束されていた,その日である。


With their eyes lowered in fear and humility, ignominy covering them (all over)! That is the Day which they were promised!